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Meet the Neighbors


Katherine The friendships I have made here are priceless. I came from a home on 3 acres and while I had neighbors, I never felt like I did. I didn’t know what I was missing by having people close by. We look out for each other.
— Katherine


Phyllis I love to volunteer and there are many opportunities for me here. I have visited friends at other retirement communities and I noticed there is not as much life or activity, compared to Independence Hill!
— Phyllis


Lorena The maintenance-free lifestyle is a load off of the old mind. No cleaning, no worries about making meals, not having to constantly fix things or hire people to do it gives you a life free of worry and hardships. I never dreamed that at this stage in my life it would be this worry free.
Our family is very close and with us being here for the past 3 years I can see that our children are relaxed knowing we are well cared for. Their worries have diminished.

— Lorena


I believe that people who come here are looking for something. They might have lost a spouse and need some companionship. This is the place to be to find great friendships and sometimes even a new love. I have made very good friends here that I just could never replace.
— Bob


Octavio and Guadalupe This is a very friendly place. It is so easy to make friends here. We have always felt welcome and that is why we moved here.
At other places we looked, we found the people somber. Here we were greeted with smiles and hellos and there were so many activities going on. I was giving my husband the “thumbs up” behind my back during the tour. What a different place this was.
“We came here to “live” our life out; we did not come here to wait to die. “
— Guadalupe & Octavio


Coming to a place like this is very good for a new widow or widower. There are so many opportunities to get out and do things. There are so many incentives to have a relationship outside your apartment. Dinner each night is like being with an extended family and that connection happens very quickly.
— John


Virginia My love is the choir group we have formed. It is so rewarding to see people singing who have not sung in many years. They thought they couldn’t anymore but they can, and they ARE!
— Virginia


Betty For years I lived in my house by myself, having to take care of typical breakdowns by calling plumbers and electricians to make repairs. Yard work was another thing that I tried to do alone but even getting the power mower started was a major chore and then emptying the grass bag was getting to be too much. Living alone was often a little scary – having solicitors come to the door. Or if I fell in the bathtub or had any other kind of medical emergency, how would I get help?
My family had wanted me to move back to where I grew up or even into an apartment here in San Antonio. The weather where I was reared was not to my liking any more, and moving to an apartment was not an option. I would not have had friends around to eat with or to go with me to places of entertainment or even shopping.
Moving to a retirement community was the only option I could think of where all of these concerns would be met. At Independence Hill, I no longer have to try to find the right plumber or electrician – I just call the Front Desk and they send someone from Maintenance! I can sit on my balcony and watch the gardeners keep our grounds in tiptop shape! No solicitors will come to my door! If I have a medical emergency, I only have to pull the Emergency Cord any time day or night and help will be on the way! What a great comfort!
The residents at Independence Hill are very friendly and it is so nice to be able to eat with so many congenial people. We may choose our main meal from a menu, which is a BIG plus, and since we do not have assigned seating like some communities, our dining partners may vary!
Living in a retirement community has so many advantages – peace of mind for my family, and me, good neighbors, housekeeping, excellent meals, a friendly staff, and transportation to medical appointments, entertainment, and shopping. What more could anyone ask?
When someone asks me why I moved to Independence Hill, I say – “Why not?” Why live alone in a big house and have to depend on family or friends to shuttle you to appointments, entertainment, or shopping? Why not live where you will feel safe, secure and have fun! Why not live where there are shuttles to take you to four different denominations of churches or even go to our own non-denominational Fellowship service right here? Why not live where there is a bank, beauty and barbershop, fitness center, sittercize room, activity room, movie theater, two libraries, coffee shop, Country store, computer room and swimming pool all on the premises? I couldn’t ask for anything more!

— Betty Ann


I truly believe that moving to Independence Hill is the best decision I have made in the past three years.  After the death of my husband, maintenance of the house and upkeep of the yard became a real burden.  Plus, my daughter wanted me to move closer to her due to my health problems.  I have a lovely apartment, have made numerous new friends and enjoy excellent food, prepared by someone else and do not have to worry with any clean-up!  The staff schedules many interesting programs and very special bus trips.  In all honesty I can say, “Life at Independence Hill is great!”
— Sue Lynn

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